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Redesign Dialysis, Phase 2

Total prize amount:$3 Million

Building off the success of KidneyX’s inaugural prize competition (Redesign Dialysis Phase 1), Redesign Dialysis Phase 2 challenged participants to build and test prototype solutions, or components of solutions, that can replicate normal kidney functions or improve dialysis access.


  • Sought prototype solutions, or components of solutions, that could replicate normal kidney functions
  • Testable devices that could perform one or more of the following functional areas: blood filtration, electrolyte homeostasis, volume regulation, toxin removal and secretion, filtrate drainage and connectivity, dialysis access

Projected Impact

New solutions that could improve quality of life for patients


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A Bioresorbable Shape Memory Polymer Wrap to Improve Maturation and Patency of Dialysis Access SitesTimothy Boire, PhD; VenostentSelfWrap provides a personalized fit to an individual patient’s unique geometry to prevent fistula and graft failures and minimize catheter reliance
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Nitricap: Nitric Oxide-Eluting, Disposable Hemodialysis Catheter Cap to Prevent Infection and ThrombosisAlexander Yevzlin, MD; Nitricap MedicalCatheter device that delivers nitric oxide to disinfect the catheter connection to reduce the risk of infection and prevent blood clots
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Developing Self-Renewable “Living” Endothelium Vascular Grafts for HemodialysisAijun Wang, PhD; VasoBioSelf-renewable coating that functions like living tissue to help maintain vein health and longer-lasting vascular grafts
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iHemo – Intracorporeal Hemodialysis SystemsShuvo Roy, PhD; The Kidney ProjectImplantable device that connects to an external recirculation pump, allowing patients to perform dialysis safely and more frequently while asleep at home
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A Pro-Regenerative Vascular Access Graft: Surmounting Challenges Inhibiting ProgressBuddy Ratner, PhD; Center for Dialysis InnovationVascular access with a porous synthetic graft intended to make the blood-cleansing process safer, more reliable, and less painful
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A Novel Device to Prevent Infection Due to Touch Contamination in Peritoneal DialysisSarah Lee, Relavo LLCDevice to reduce risk of infection for home peritoneal dialysis by disinfecting connection tubes and eliminating contamination

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