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Winning Solution: Digitally Delivered Behavior Change Program to Help Patients Delay Dialysis

A cost-effective, patient-centered, digital therapeutic that aims for the best possible individual prognosis for each CKD patient, as well as to delay dialysis in ESRD patients

Binnovate Digital Health BV

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About the Solution

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is an irreversible disease. Kidney function deteriorates over time to end stage renal disease (ESRD) that requires renal replacement therapies (RRT). During the time it takes to progress from initial diagnosis to ESRD, a lot of efforts can be taken to try to preserve kidney function as much as possible.

RenalTracker believes that the effects of these efforts have not been maximized.

RenalTracker is a cost-effective, patient-centered, digital therapeutic that aims for the best-possible individual prognosis for each CKD patient and delay RRT in ESRD patients. This is achieved by using data analytics to maximize the effects of CKD self-management programs, modify the individual risks contributing to loss of kidney function, reverse or slow disease progression for as long as possible, maintain patients’ quality of life and reduce socioeconomic costs. It works through extensive data analytics to enhance the educational effects for each patient and reduce the barriers that prevent the adoption of positive lifestyle- and therapy-associated behavior patterns.

RenalTracker delivers new or existing CKD self-management programs via digital platforms and uses behavior change elements to help patients modify progression risks. It takes each patient’s individual barriers for the adoption of risk-reducing lifestyle changes into account and uses patient feedback and data analytics to optimize each patient’s outcome.

RenalTracker is under continuous development and builds on an intensive discovery journey that helped shape today’s product. The company started in 2016 and created digital kidney guidebooks, helping more than 6,800 patients. We took Renaltracker a long way since – our most recent product iteration includes a web dashboard that has helped an additional number of 859 patients. As we continue to scale, we are continuing to listen to patients and develop Renaltracker into the best digital therapeutic that helps improve CKD outcomes.

About the Winner

Binnovate Digital Media is a leading digital health start-up in the field of nephrology with an extensive presence in the US, EU (The Netherlands and Germany), and The Philippines.