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Artificial Kidney Prize, Phase 2: Resources

Recommended Resources

KRT Technology Roadmap

Outlines priorities, design criteria, and research needed for innovative alternatives to kidney replacement therapy

Describes examples of kidney functions and components that could be leveraged to realize an artificial kidney

Human Centered Design Toolkit for Kidney Failure

Provides early stage start ups and pre-clinical innovators with empathy tools to facilitate productive conversations with people with kidney failure, identify problem statements, and derive design inputs.

Solver Community

Connects you with other community members who have also opted in to working collaboratively and sharing insights and information

General Prize Competition Resources

Includes other information regarding regulatory navigation, patient interaction, and collaboration and teaming that may be beneficial for all entrants

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Serve as a Competition Judge or Expert Reviewer

HHS and ASN have designed KidneyX to be patient-centered. People with kidney diseases have representation throughout the KidneyX governance structure, judging processes, and Summit discussions. We are especially interested to hear from people with kidney diseases or their care partners that are interested in volunteering to serve as an expert reviewer for KidneyX or as a judge for a prize competition.