Honorable Mention Subcutaneous High-flow Port for HD Access

For the hemodialysis patient, initiating and maintaining long-term vascular access is critical. Unfortunately, today's HD access options are not ideal. AV fistulas have high failure rates, take a long time to mature, and struggle to maintain long-term patency. Grafts and catheters have similar challenges with poor patency, thrombosis, and high infection rates. The "immediate" HD access solutions (catheters) are not permanent and the "permanent" HD access solutions (fistulas) are not immediate. None of the HD access options today offer immediate and permanent HD access.

Our solution is a subcutaneously implanted high-flow port designed specifically for HD access. The port and proprietary needle-cannula set can be used immediately after implantation. The device accommodates the high flow rates of hemodialysis, has been proven easy to use by medical staff and patients, and includes safety features that mitigate blood loss and other complications in the event of an unintentional disconnection.

Improving HD access with our subcutaneous high-flow port would eliminate many of the complications caused by today's HD access options. This would have a positive impact on patient health and quality of life, and reduce the financial burden on the US heath care system.