Honorable Mention Sensor for Fluid Assessment in Dialysis Patients

We developed a highly accurate, non-invasive method to assess patient's real-time fluid volume status while undergoing hemodialysis. This personalized and interactive measurement will improve the assessment and management of volume and eventually provide patients the freedom to self-manage volume status. Our team from MIT, Fresenius Medical Care, and Massachusetts General Hospital have successfully designed, built, and clinically tested a portable magnetic resonance-based sensor. The sensor consists of a Unilateral Linear Halbach magnet array (0.2 Tesla) contained in a custom housing, a custom radio frequency (RF) transceiver coil, and a spectrometer for pulse generation. Our sensor has shown strong agreement with standard clinical MRI, reliably reporting on extravascular volume and fluid changes across hemodialysis treatments. We hypothesize that the measurements from our novel device provide a highly reproducible marker for fluid status. This measurement will provide caregivers with actionable guidance regarding fluid removal goals during dialysis, eventually helping patients safely achieve their ideal dry weight, providing hemodynamic stabilization, reducing healthcare-associated costs, and improving quality of life and survival.

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