Honrable Mention Non-Invasive Venous waveform Analysis (NIVA) for Volume Directed Kidney Failure Management

With no currently approved devices to objectively monitor volume status changes in dialysis patients, healthcare providers face challenges in determining optimal ultrafiltration rates. Quality-of-life for patients is significantly impacted by inadequate volume management. Fatigue, depression, prolonged recovery from dialysis, and muscle cramping are among the most commonly reported symptoms, all of which are associated with decreased perfusion related to high ultrafiltration rates.

VoluMetrix is developing Non-Invasive Venous waveform Analysis (NIVA) to help healthcare providers assess changes in volume status during hemodialysis. NIVA uses a wristband sensor like a smart fitness band that detects the small vibrations of the veins that occur with each heartbeat. These venous signals can be analyzed to accurately and non-invasively assess volume status to provide the information needed for volume directed dialysis. The NIVA sensor can monitor other relevant physiological parameters including pulse rate, respiratory rate and Sp02 and display these data in a convenient tabletop device the size of a tablet that can work in conjunction with any dialysis system. NIVA has potential to improve quality of life in dialysis patients while reducing intradialytic and interdialytic symptoms, optimize medication management, hemodynamic stabilization and reduce healthcare costs.

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