Honorable Mention JEM device and platform for Dialysis Access

Access for Life's technology will reshape the process of connecting a patient to a kidney dialysis machine giving the patient the control over when and where to dialyze by making needle insertion (cannulation) safe and simple. Our patented platform, including two JEM implanted sensor-enhanced devices and electronic pack, preserves vein health while it reduces the rate of clinical complications and provides for the first time, real-time data collection on blood flow. The JEM platform is the "missing link" to enable large scale home hemodialysis.

JEM's sensors allow real-time control of puncture depth, reducing risk of back vein wall perforation and alert immediately on needle dislodgement. This needle dislodgement alert is an important safety feature allowing a patient to dialyze with assurance while sleeping. Beyond the needle management itself, the embedded sensors gather data on blood flow including identifying changes in flow velocity which may indicate impending stenosis, before the vessel is totally blocked and surgical procedures are needed.

By reducing the number of fistula repair/replacement surgeries, the JEM TM platform may save thousands of lives and billions of dollars/year world-wide. By enabling sleep time hemodialysis, the JEMâ„¢, gives patients their lives back restoring them to productive, full lives.

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