Honorable Mention GraftWorx SmartPatch Monitoring System

Among the many challenges for hemodialysis patients, management of their volume status during and between dialysis proves to be difficult and can lead to complications including hypotensive events during dialysis or volume overload hospitalizations. Furthermore, those with an arteriovenous dialysis access are challenged with untimely stenosis, thrombosis and/or access failure.

An ideal solution to help tackle this critical unmet need would seamlessly integrate into a patient's daily life, promote patient self-management, and improve quality of life. Furthermore, it would augment clinician decision making with predictive tools to improve health outcomes, decrease hospitalization rates, and decrease costs. Such a solution is already on the market for chronic condition populations such as diabetes in the form of noninvasive wearable technologies in conjunction with a remote monitoring platform, which serves as a learning precedent for driving innovation in the hemodialysis sector.

For this reason, GraftWorx has designed the SmartPatch System, iterated via testing on over 130 hemodialysis patients. The wearable device, placed over the dialysis access, provides continuous remote monitoring through a novel combination of sensors. The Sma rtPatch measures a number of critica I cli nica I para meters for monitoring the fluid status and dialysis access health of patients undergoing hemodialysis.

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