Honorable Mention Drug-Eluting Electrospun Hemodialysis Access Graft

Arterio-Venous Grafts (AVGs) are associated with high risk for thrombosis and infection. The need for recurrent graft maintenance and salvage procedures poses a burden on dialysis patients that use AVGs. The search for a graft with improved patency and reduced complications has been the "holy grail" of dialysis access surgery.

Our multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians was one of the Phase I award recipients. Our proposal focused on developing a prototype electrospun vascular access graft with an anti-proliferative drug (Sirolimus) localized only to the luminal surface of the outflow (venous) end of the graft using our proprietary electrospinning process (NuSpun-DE graft). We successfully accomplished all of the proposed Phase I objectives.

The goal of this KidneyX Phase II proposal is to complete benchtop testing and assess the effects of the targeted drug delivery in preclinical studies. We anticipate that the results from this will demonstrate that our "off-the-shelf" NuSpun-DE graft provides structural safety and reliability, allows early cannulation, provides some added protection from infection due to cellular ingrowth and demonstrates lower rates of outflow stenosis. We hope that advancing this product will help patients avoid complications associated with dialysis access.

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