Honorable Mention Urea Photo-Oxidation to Enable Portable/Wearable Hemodialysis

Dialysis as a life-sustaining therapy for irreversible kidney failure was pioneered in Seattle at the University of Washington (UW) in the 1960s; yet, more than half a century later, there have been few patienttransformational technical innovations. We envision hemodialysis (HD) therapy can and should be accessible, complication-free, and more effectively emulate healthy kidney function with dramatically improved outcomes and quality of life for patients everywhere. Our vision for the future is the Ambulatory Kidney to Improve Vitality (AKTIV): a portable/wearable HD device that will restore patient mobility and dramatically improve quality of life. To translate this vision to reality, we have developed a novel urea removal technology that will be incorporated into the AKTIV in order to address the #1 obstacle to truly portable/wearable dialysis: regeneration of the dialysate in a low volume closed-loop circuit that does not require connection to an external water source. We have achieved 500x improvement in urea removal efficiency over reported literature, and have demonstrated our prototype can remove the average daily amount of urea produced by the body without connection to an external water supply, in a form factor suitable for portable/wearable dialysis.

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