Honorable Mention The Wearable Artificial Kidney

The Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK)is a small light battery-operated hemodialysis belt that works slowly and continuously. It uses 300 ml of dialysate constantly cleansed by sorbents. It gives patients complete freedom and mobility without being tied at all to a large dialysis machine. The WAK removes fluid and salt at the same natural rate as healthy kidneys do eliminating hospitalizations for fluid overload. Patients will be free to eat salt and drink fluids. The device successfully maintains electrolyte and acid base balance. Post dialysis fatigue may disappear, and phosphate binders become unnecessary. The WAK was used successfully by dialysis patients in 3 centers around the world proving that its use is feasible. Patients valued additional reductions in size and weight so that the WAK can be discretely concealed under normal clothes without impairing mobility. It weighs 2 lbs. At night, when patients are in bed, the WAK connects to a nocturnal module that performs additional functions while connecting to an electrical outlet that recharges its batteries. FDA designated the WAK for "breakthrough status" to expedite its review