Honorable Mention Temporary Medical Tattoo

The Temporary Medical Tattoo is a Class II service enabling patients with end stage renal disease to experience hemodialysis treatment with fewer needle 'mis-sticks' and accelerated training time, reducing the fear and impact of therapy on the patient and caregivers. Produced for each patient's unique vein pattern, the temporary medical tattoo service addresses diafysis access, including design targets 2, 4, and 5 (biocompatible materials, lowers incidence of infection, and patient-friendfy). It is composed of low-cost ma­terials and a mass-produced customization process that affords the temporary med­ical tattoos to be deployable to a multitude of at-risk populations, including devel­oped and emerging medical communities, in-clinic or at-home, and across a spec­trum of skin tones.

The Temporary Medical Tattoo consists of: A) real-time infrared vein map­ping hardware and software; B) indelible stains resistant to clinical washing; and C) an inkjet printer-compatible cannulation "key'' process producing vein "guides" transferable onto a patient near the cannulation site.

Developed to requirements documented via clinical observations and inter­views with patients, caregivers, and physicians, an end-to-end prototype has been demonstrated.