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COVID-19 Kidney Care Challenge Winners

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Redesign Dialysis Phase 2 Winners

The following submissions were selected as winners of the Redesign Dialysis Phase 2 prize competition:

Patient Innovator Challenge Winners

The following individuals were selected as winners of the KidneyX Patient Innovator Challenge, funded by the National Kidney Foundation. A panel of judges and reviewers selected 10 winners in Category 1 – solutions already tried or put into practice – and 15 winners in Category 2 – ideas for solutions not yet created.

Category 1
  • Ann Chokas of Great Neck, NY, for designing a smartphone app to monitor blood test results.
  • Chris Jaynes of Cardiff-by-the-sea, CA, for creating a way to extend the life of a kidney removed for transplantation to give surgeons more time to access the organ.
  • Deepa Kariyawasam of London, England, for creating kidney patient diet booklets geared toward minority cuisine.
  • David Kuraguntla of South San Francisco, CA, for creating a device to monitor fluid levels in dialysis patients.
  • Sarah Lee of Baltimore, MD, for creating a device that disinfects tubing for peritoneal dialysis.
  • Robert Richter of Coconut Creek, FL, for creating a device to help a one-handed veteran administer home dialysis.
  • Chelsea Roman of Sacramento, CA, for creating a 3D-printable wrist cuff to secure needles used in home dialysis.
  • Lana Schmidt of Liberty, IL, for using a state-funded home aide program to hire someone to help her with home dialysis.
  • Deborah Stanzak of Twinsburg, OH, for creating clothing suited for dialysis patients.
  • John Vito of Rochester, NY, for creating a video cooking series for end-stage kidney failure patients.
Category 2
  • Brian Bender of Raleigh, NC, for a home-use device in development to track sodium levels in urine.
  • Andrew Brookens of Denver, CO, for a proposal to open a home dialysis education center to train patients.
  • Chandra Chhun of McDonough, GA, for a proposal to develop an online platform to help home dialysis patients.
  • Anthony Clark of Wilmington, DE, for a proposal to create kidney food labels for kidney patients.
  • Jaclyn Giannakoulis of Stoughton, MA, to develop a program to rent home dialysis cyclers for patients when they travel.
  • Nieltje Gedney of Kearneysville, WV, to develop a toolkit for home dialysis patients to give real-time feedback.
  • Varun Goyal of Carmel, IN, to develop an app to help transplant patients keep track of their medicines.
  • Lonnie Green of Kennesaw, GA, to develop a peer mentorship program for dialysis patients.
  • Mary Lou Hurley of Bloomingdale, NJ, to create a handout about transplants for patients to give to emergency room professionals.
  • Daniel Marsh of Baton Rouge, LA, to develop an "open chair" app to help patients find a real-time dialysis center that has an immediate opening.
  • Sandeep Padala of Augusta, GA, to develop help from dialysis patients who are released from prison.
  • Emmett Smith of Seattle, WA, to develop a device to help with dialysis catheters.
  • Ben Studdard of Nashville, TN, to create music videos to teach patients about medical terms.
  • Cher Thomas of Galveston, TX, to develop a program to link dentists with patients on the transplant waitlist.
  • Joyce Vergili of Kingston, NY, to create a device to monitor blood potassium levels.

Redesign Dialysis Phase 1 Finalists

The following solutions were selected as the Finalists for KidneyX Redesign Dialysis Phase 1 and announced at the Inaugural KidneyX Summit, on April 29-30, 2019:

Winning Abstracts

Submitted Abstracts from Applicants

All applicants for KidneyX Redesign Dialysis Phase 1 were asked to share an abstract providing an overview of their proposed solution. To view a bundle of the abstracts that we received, please click here.