Category 2 Winner Jaclyn Giannakoulis

Rent a Cycler

Research shows that home therapies for dialysis patients, such as home hemodialysis and peritoneal, improve quality of life for dialysis patients. It also shows a reduction of medications and symptoms such as low blood pressure, severe cramping, and fatigue- all symptoms that are prevalent in patients who receive treatment in center.

Home therapies can offer dialysis patients an improved social, emotional, and psychological well-being. Patients and caregivers can resume daily activities and lifestyles, such as travel, that once seemed impossible to continue due to physical limitations.

As a care partner for my husband, on home hemodialysis, we have benefitted from this improved quality of life by traveling with our System One Cycler. The System One Cycler is approximately 75lbs and with travel case reaches 100lbs. Although grateful for the ability to transport the System One Cycler, challenges arise when traveling that may discourage others from traveling. These challenges range from ability to lift and transport from place to place with ease, the ability to have control over who is handling the Cycler when not in our possession, and the ability to travel from airport or car without having to rent a SUV to accommodate size.

My proposal, entitled Rent a Cycler, proposes that patients on dialysis should have access to rent a System One Cycler from a dialysis clinic or hospital, while traveling. Much like individuals who rent a car for travel from a travel agency, dialysis patients and their care partners should be able to rent a cycler for their life saving medical care.