Artificial Kidney Prize, Phase 2: Track 1

Accelerating the Prototype of a Bioartificial Kidney

Think better, think bold, think big

Track one of the Artificial Kidney Prize advances bioartificial kidney prototypes toward first-in-human studies.


Track One solicits applications that apply innovations and methods in regenerative medicine, cellular engineering, systems biology, and synthetic biology to advance the development of a bioartificial kidney prototype. Entrants' solutions to Track One should include clear descriptions of their development plans for a prototype bioartificial kidney informed by patient input, including a pathway and future timeline toward first-in-human studies. Submissions could be supported by pre-clinical (bench or animal) or clinical data demonstrating the potential of the approach to support the reliability, effectiveness, and functionality of wearable or implantable bioartificial kidneys.

Track One offers a space for scientists, companies, professionals in the medical field, people with kidney diseases, and innovators to expand on their institutional knowledge to work toward innovative change.

Award Details

At the discretion of HHS and ASN, it is anticipated that up to three (3) Track One winners will divide $4.5 million in funding.


Submission period begins: August 10, 2022

Submission period ends: October 28, 2022, at 4:59 p.m. ET

Winners announced by: April 2023

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated using the following four (4) criteria for Track One, Accelerating the prototype of a bioartificial kidney:

Functionality Replication: The degree to which patient input has framed the targeted functions and design of the prototype. The degree of confidence that the plans for bioartificial kidney prototype will achieve critical kidney functions safely and continuously. See Technology Roadmap for Innovative Approaches to Renal Replacement Therapy for examples of kidney functionality.

Level of Innovation: The degree to which the submission demonstrates a novel adaptation of regenerative medicine, cellular engineering, systems biology, and/or synthetic biology in the development of a prototype bioartificial kidney.

Preliminary Proof of Concept: The likelihood that future objectives are achievable in advancing a prototype of a bioartificial kidney towards animal studies, first-in-human studies, and/or clinical trials.

Development Progress and Plan: The amount of progress completed relative to funding received, the rigor of plans, and the confidence in the team to execute. The degree of patient engagement in the design and/or evaluation of a prototype. Plans that describe the work needed beyond the submission should include future critical milestones, timelines, and collaborations to achieve animal studies, first-in-human studies, and clinical trials.

Rules, Terms, and Conditions

All entrants must review the Announcement of Requirements and Registration for full award details; eligibility requirements; registration and submission requirements; evaluation criteria; judging information; and other competition rules, terms, and conditions prior to submission.

Questions? Email Answers will be provided on our FAQ page.

Entrant Support and Resources

KidneyX provides a range of resources for entrants to inform their applications and facilitate collaboration.

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