Artificial Kidney Prize, Phase 2: Resources

Think better, think bold, think big.

Artificial Kidney Prize Phase 2 entrants should leverage this range of resources to inform their applications and facilitate collaboration.

Technology Roadmap

Entrants to either track of the Competition are recommended to consider the Kidney Health Initiative's Technology Roadmap for Innovative Approaches to Renal Replacement Therapy, which describes examples of kidney functions and components that regenerative medicine, cellular engineering, systems biology, and/or synthetic biology approaches could address to realize an artificial kidney, including:

  • Fully integrated wearable or implantable artificial kidney platforms
  • Access that connects an artificial kidney platform to the blood circuit
  • Biological and immunological modulation that supports non-immunogenicity and functionality of an artificial kidney platform
  • Continuous monitoring of an artificial kidney platform to assess reliability and safety
  • Filtrate transport and drainage of an artificial kidney to remove excess filtrate after processing
  • Connectivity for filtration, processing, and exterior drainage of an artificial kidney
  • Solutions that manufacture the minimal cohort of cells necessary for an artificial kidney with scalable production

Human-Centered Design Toolkit for Kidney Failure

Entrants to the competition are encouraged to consider using the Kidney Health Initiative's human-centered design toolkit to facilitate conversations with people with kidney failure and describe their technology. This provides early-stage start-ups and pre-clinical innovators with tools to facilitate productive conversations with people with kidney failure, identify problem statements, and derive design inputs.

  • An Innovation Scale that defines incremental, innovative, and transformational products according to the needs they meet.
  • Ambassadors representing three types of people with kidney failure to help innovators design their products to meet the needs and context of a specific person.
  • Design principles describe the emotional result of solving a person's problem and Metrics that provide guidance on how to meet a Design Principle.

Entrant Webinars

Entrants are encouraged to review a helpful Phase 1 recording (below) and participate in upcoming Phase 2-specific webinars (dates and times TBD):

  1. (January 2021) Overview of Fundamental Kidney FunctionsThis webinar from AKP Phase 1 provides a robust overview of fundamental kidney functions, as well as technical design considerations for components or systems that effectively replicate these functions.

  2. (To Be Announced) Overview of the Competition:
    Will provide an overview of the Phase 2 competition tracks and submission requirements
  3. (September 12, 2022) Live Q&A Webinar:
    Will address common questions from entrants

Additional Resources

About KidneyX — History of KidneyX and its mission

Navigating regulatory details — FDA resources intended to help increase awareness and facilitate development and review of eligible kidney replacement therapy products

About NIH — NIH Regenerative Medicine Program

Collaboration and teaming — Helpful sources to aid applicants in building a team-based approach

Patient interaction — Information to support patient-focused development

AKP Phase 2 FAQs — Detailed answers to common applicant questions

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Other Competition Participation

HHS and ASN have designed KidneyX to be patient-centered. People with kidney diseases have representation throughout the KidneyX governance structure, judging processes, and Summit discussions. We are especially interested to hear from people with kidney diseases or their care partners that are interested in volunteering to serve as an expert resource to KidneyX — contact us at

Solver Community

The Artificial Kidney Prize is built on the foundational belief that innovators from a range of backgrounds must leverage multidisciplinary expertise and collaborations to develop solutions to improve the lives of people with kidney diseases, their families, and care partners.

Participants are encouraged to consider expanding their teams or working collaboratively with others. KidneyX supports these efforts with its Solver Community, which will connect you with other community members who have also opted in.

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