Patient Engagement

KidneyX aims to accelerate breakthroughs to promising new technologies for people with kidney diseases by addressing barriers innovators commonly identify as they develop new products for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in kidney care. To do this, we hope to create a better collaborative relationship among patients and innovators.

In each prize competition, innovators are asked that their submission provides sufficient detail and information showing the nature and extent of anticipate benefit(s) to patients, including:

  • Demonstrating efforts to incorporate patient feedback into the design
  • Addressing one or more opportunity to improve a patient's quality of life

Applicants are encouraged to identify and collaborate with patients in the form that is most appropriate for them. We know that many KidneyX applicants will be entering the kidney space for the first time and will not have direct access to patients. As such, we have developed a list of contacts at reliable partner patient organizations that could help identify patients that would be interested in providing direct feedback to KidneyX applicants.

Kidney patient organizations interested in serving as a resource for KidneyX applicants with patient engagement are encouraged to email

Partner Patient Organizations and Represenatives

(Listed Alphabetically)

Diana Clynes, Executive Director
Erin Khale, Director of Stakeholder Operations
Richard Knight, MBA, President
Paul Conway, Past President, Chair of Public Policy and Global Affairs

Denise Eilers, BSN, RN, Board Member
Nieltje Gedney, Treasurer
Nichole Jefferson, President

Bonnie Schneider, Founder

Andrew Fullerton, Government Relations Manager

Kim Hollander, Executive Director

Alexis Denny, Director of Government Affairs